Body Composition – Basic

Course available for 30 days
Lectures: 2
Level: Base

Body Composition


  • definition, study of body composition and fields of application***
  • measurement methods and devices: advantages and/or disadvantages
  • analysis methodologies: quantitative, qualitative, molecular, cellular, energetic and tissue analysis
  • gaining and losing weight: the complexity of the phenomenon
  • why Body Composition changes: health, MUS (medically unexplained symptoms), lifestyle, circadian rhythms, nutrition, disorders and diseases
  • how Body Composition changes: from health to MUS (vague symptoms), disorders and diseases
  • HPA axis and alterations in body composition
  • the role of muscle (wSMI) and fat (FM)
  • Fat mass distribution
  • clinical validations, fields of application and case study analysis
  • how and why body composition changes

BioTekna BIA-ACC Medical Device

Boschiero Dario: President and founder of the Open Academy of Medicine, Coordinator of the project “MUS, Medically Unexplained Symptoms, Chronic Inflammation and Clinical Nutrition,” Research and Development Director at BioTekna’sa

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