• Educational Material of 17th and 18th May 2013 Now Available

    Registered users can now access Lezioni page where educational material regarding 17th May 2013 lectures and optional 18th May 2013 lectures is now available.

    Apart from the ebooks about subjects brought up in the two days of classes, there's also supplementary material in pdf and video format.

  • Educational Material of 22th March 2013 Classes Now Available

    Educational material of 22th March 2013 classes is now available in the Lezioni section, only for registered users.

    Apart from audio recordings and ebooks regardind lectures, there's also suppplementary material in pdf format.

  • New Section Archive Now Available

    New section Archive is now available, accessible for registered users.

    It is a collection of articles, technical and scientific contributions and other educational material edited on ebook, audio and pdf format.