Educational Program [MED]

The Educational Program of the " Updating Training and Advanced Professional Development - Open Academy of Medicine [MED] " with is multidisciplinary approach allow the subscriber to have a wider view on clinical investigation methodology, therapeutic instruments, psychophysical performance rehabilitation of patients.

  • Stress physiology and interactions NeuroImmunoEndocrine and Metabolic.
  • Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS) and implications.
  • Preventive medicine, performance, Well-being, longevity and anti-ageing.
  • Brain-Gut-Microbe axis: from health to disease.
  • Stress related diseases and disorders.
  • Metabolic interactions, pathophysiology of metabolism.
  • Pathological Dynamics with chronic inflammatory features and autoimmunity.
  • Quantitative, qualitative and functional analysis of the body composition.
  • Autonomic nervous system physiology: from performance and health to disease.
  • Clinical nutrition: research update.
  • Instrumental diagnostic applications.
  • clinical statistics and Evidence Based Medicine.

Educational Program [SSP]

The Educational program of the " Updating Training and Advanced Professional Development - Open Academy of Medicine Sports Science [SSP] " provides a detailed analysis of the most effective instrumental methods of evaluation and analysis, strategy and applications to create the best solution in term of rehabilitation protocol and physical training to gain the highest level of efficacy in the development of the patient psychophysical performance.

  • Functional instrumental evaluation of the psychophysical performance.
  • Training methodology update: hypertrophy, HIIT, aerobic activity etc.
  • Training Methodology.
  • Physical Mobility Rehabilitation.
  • Athletic preparation protocols and sport disciplines.
  • Evidence Based Sports Medicine.
  • Communication and coaching.