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Updating Training and Advanced Professional Development, Academic Year 2016


NeuroImmunoModulation, Metabolism, Clinical Nutrition and Physical Mobility Rehabilitation
From the disease to recovery and maintaining of mental and physical performance

Detailed Program - Open Academy of Medicine [MED] 2016


The course, which lasts 8 lessons, will be held on weekends between January and April. The goal of the course is to provide to subscribers an exhaustive overview of the basics and the latest scientific researches referred to the matters hereby examined. At this end, participants will be provided with didactic material
and they will benefit of some lectures by the best international experts.
The main feature of the course is the multidisciplinary approach which will allow the subscriber to have a wider view on clinical investigation methodology, therapeutic instruments, psychophysical performance rehabilitation of patients.

Educational Program

  • Fisiologia dello stress e interazioni NeuroImmunoEndocrine e Metaboliche
  • Stress physiology and interactions NeuroImmunoEndocrine and Metabolic
  • Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS) and implications
  • Preventive medicine, performance, Well-being, longevity and anti-ageing
  • Brain-Gut-Microbe axis: from health to disease
  • Stress related diseases and disorders
  • Metabolic interactions, pathophysiology of metabolism
  • Pathological Dynamics with chronic inflammatory features and autoimmunity
  • Quantitative, qualitative and functional analysis of the body composition
  • Autonomic nervous system physiology: from performance and health to disease
  • Clinical nutrition: research update
  • Instrumental diagnostic applications
  • clinical statistics and Evidence Based Medicine


This is a limited admission course with 200 subscribers maximum. The Academic Council will communicate personally, after the enquiry evaluation, the enrolment confirmation. Given the limited availability, the Academic Council reserves to itself the right to evaluate the curriculum and profession of the candidates to regulate the admission to the course. The professions accepted for the enrolment are the following:

  • Medical Doctor, Surgeon, Physiologist
  • Biologist
  • Psychologist

The Open Academy of Medicine annual membership fee, which includes class attendance and access to the online educational resources on the MED Academy Area, is €300 VAT excluded. Subscriptions must be submitted using the model shown at the bottom of this presentation. You need to send it to our administration exclusively by email at

Lessons Calendar 2016

January 2016 :  Friday 22 and Saturday 23

February 2016 :  Friday 19 and Saturday 20

March 2016 :  Friday 18 and Saturday 19

April 2016 :  Friday 15 and Saturday 16