Open Academy of Medicine CIC

International School of Specialization and Continuing Medical Education

The Open Academy of Medicine CIC (Community Interest Company) is an international school of specialization and continuing medical education. Based in London it was founded with the aim to achieve a new benchmark for post-graduate training in the field of biomedical specialties.

The academy focuses its didactic and research activity around disciplines as: Neuroscience, Metabolism, Immunology, Endocrinology, NeuroImmunoModulation, Clinical Nutrition and Physical Rehabilitation. Its target is to develop studies and researches about the pathophysiological processes involved in the evolution of chronic diseases and to develop processes for the psychophysical performance rehabilitation. To do that the Academy will take advantage of the latest results of the scientific research and from the experiences dictated by the Evidence Based Medicine.

The development of each educational area is entrusted to professors from the most prestigious and influential universities and research centres in the world. They will bring to the academy the excellence in their respective areas of study and research in order to offer the best possible educational experience.

The high dynamism and multidisciplinarity of the topics of the educational activities clearly indicate the continuing education as the most appropriate way to outline a modern teaching method aligned with the latest scientific discoveries.

The development of the academic activity aims, by improving the training of the professionals, to facilitate the achievement of benefits for the whole community.
The specific goals of the Academy or the community, being a community interest company, are:

  • to make available to the professionals of the biomedical specialties advanced teaching tools for training, whether they are focused on the development of original contribution or on the organization of conferences and workshops that can promote adhesion to multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic criteria.

  • To promote research and development activities directed to the enhancement of the psychophysical performances of people through the promotion and the expansion of the collaborative network between the research centres and international opinion leaders.

  • To offer to the community the benefits derived by the continuing medical education and the continuing scientific update of the medical staff in relation to matters of social impact, as:

    • education to the prevention of chronic diseases and disorders, preventive medicine and longevity;
    • maintenance and recovery of the human psychophysical performance;
    • stress management and recovery from MUS (Medically Unexplained Symptoms);
    • lifestyle and nutrition.